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Hi, I'm Courtney...

My mom was a makeup artist and image consultant, so I grew up in an environment that encouraged creativity and natural enhancement to feel your best! She's the greatest, most brilliant person I know, so I followed as closely as I could in those fabulous heeled footprints!


With over ten years experience in the industry, many spent working for Mac Cosmetics, I have kept on the cutting edge of trends and techniques used by other artists and leaders in this industry. I have worked both in front and behind the camera on set for film/tv, indoor/outdoor photography studios, and live theatrical stages all over the world. These experiences have granted me a unique perspective on what makes you feel and look your most beautiful, be it for your BIG DAY or a fun night out! I am intentional about taking in your specific needs and vision of your "look" and collaborating with you to achieve your own creative beauty.

Fun Facts: I color code my planner, never go anywhere without a book or an eyelash curler, and I can hit a bullseye from 30 yards with bow and arrow since age 8.  I also firmly believe coffee deserves its own food group.

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